Designed by a collector for collectors, Trooper-Mannequins arised from a statement of fact : no appropriate natural-looking and realistic mannequin is presently available for this particular market. Up to now, to exhibit their historical clothes, collectors and musems used vintage mannequins, the size standards of which still corresponded to old-time uniforms. But the availability of such recyled mannequins is quite precarious and they meet only partially the specifications of this selective niche. Beeing displayed in shop windows, such fashion plate-looking mannequins have no character, compared to what a new generation of collectors long for : a quality support adding value to the clothes it displays.


To take up this demanding challenge, we endeavoured to achieve realistic mannequins of medium size, with a natural facial appearance and a careful finish, including technical features in accordance with the requirements of this particular field. Our first two models are designed after living individuals so as to guarantee realism and natural attitudes. Erik & Walter were born in France. We used the latest modern techniques, combined with sculpture and handicraft know-how to achieve both models.

Finally, the design of well-made articulated arms which can be dismantled into three parts to facilitate the dressing and allow various positions, together with the development of ergonomical removable feet allowing the wearing of all types of old shoes, made it possible to create two stable, base-free prototypes, a completion which required two years of work.


Once our prototypes were completed, we did a comprehensive search, but despite our initial wish to have the mannequins made in France, or, failing that, in Europe, we came to the unfortunate conclusion that the relevant manufacturing units no longer existed in this part of the world. As a logical consequence, our mannequins are now made in a referenced Asian unit, strictly complying with Western standards and meeting the high quality requirements we were looking for. Please note that the main reason of this relocation is the fact that a fiberglass mannequin remains entirely hand-made and that no machine, robot or assembly line are used, except sanders and spray guns. Each mannequin is therefore individually moulded, adjusted, painted and assembled in accordance with precise specifications. Even though it is a serial production, each mannequin can be considered unique.

In order to satisfy our customers, each of our mannequins is prepared on an individual basis in our Norman workshops. It is subject to a thorough verification including the meticulous checking of each component, together with a preliminary mounting so as to ensure an utmost efficiency. But most of all, the main characteristic of our Trooper-Mannequins is that each has its head and hands hand-painted here, in France, with zeale and care, in a realistic and detailed style, thus giving it an unique and personal touch.


As our product range remains limited, we are presently working on the design of new models showing other attitudes.  We also work on some prospective by-products including : busts on stand with realistic head and articulated arms ; base-mounted realistic heads (painted or self-coloured) to support headdresses ; prehensile hands, as well as various realistic postiches (wig, beard, moustache) … But of course, these prospects primarily depend on the assurance of your initial satisfaction.

Trooperly yours,

Trooper Mannequins

Mannequins réalistes pour collectionneurs & musées 

Trooper Mannequins est une boutique de vente en ligne de mannequins d'exposition pour musées et collectionneurs. 

Nos modèles, peints individuellement à la main de manière détaillée, sont la clé d'une reconstitution réaliste. Composés de fibre de verre de haute qualité, bras et jambes sont démontables pour faciliter l'habillage. Leurs bras articulés à mouvements multiples vous permettrons imaginer toutes sortes de positions.